I don’t know why people give importance to grades? The student that gain fewer marks are treated as dull. This is killing student’s capabilities and students live in stress. Examinations are just to test how far a student learned the subject. But just an exam paper cannot decide the talent, skill and place of a student. Parental pressure means they are thinking that getting good marks in an exam means that their children are good in studies and will be successful in the future and getting average marks in exam means that their children will be not successful. Some of the worlds most successful people didnt get good grades. Bill Gates said that, “I failed in examination while I was in school, but my friend passed in all examinations. Now he is an employee in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.” We can understand that all depends on our talent and our skills. Marks are like water vapour which disappear before talent and skills


Karachi, April 2.