With up-to-date information regarding what is going on in the world, realistic roles to perform in dramas that strive to change the conventional thinking patterns, and a successful vlog which teaches people to lead a healthy lifestyle, Nadia Khan, the heroine of Pal do Pal, Bandhan and Manzilein is back with a bang!

While she is running her successful vlog by the name of Outstyle which has reached more than 100,000 subscribers, Nadia is making back to back appearances in drama serials. Her first drama serial after her comeback ran on ARY television by the name of Aisi Hai Tanhai addressing issues of cyber-crime and revenge porn. Right after it ended, Zan Mureed on HUM TV started, based on domestic violence. While it is still on air, Nadia’s third drama serial Kaisi Aurat Hoon Mein, based on manipulative control of husbands has been released a week ago.

All the three projects have been bitterly realistic, deeply rooted in the Pakistani culture, for which Nadia had to procure a solemn look. This solemnity has not only been reflected through her make-up, but also through her clothes which have been usually simple and dull, reflecting normal routines of the snubbed women of Pakistan.

However, Nadia has quickly snapped out of her characters and come up with what she calls her ‘surprise’ look right after completing her projects. The surprise is Nadia’s new shoot for Outstyle, which has left the audience awestruck, for after consecutive appearances in tragic dramas, this shoot presents her as a fresh, lively and stylish woman.

The make-up and the photography has been done by Akif Ilyas while the wardrobe is Nadia’s own. The colours chosen are bright and look pleasing to the eye. The most admirable fact is that no dress in the shoot is what one may call obscene or inappropriate. Nadia has chosen elegance, proving that stylishness can be exhibited without a body show. The ideas she presents can be opted by anyone without any hesitation or morality issue. Even the jewellery worn has been used minimally and in a simple and realistic manner.

It is no wonder that Outstyle has reached countless subscribers within a span of four months, for this shoot depicts how Nadia Khan caters to the demands of all groups of the society and is practical in whatever she does. With a drastic weight loss, a clean, fresh look, and classy clothing, Nadia becomes a motivating figure whom one can idealize in matters of health and maintenance. Her organic diet and a selective disposition while choosing make-up and wardrobe has given her a completely new and dazzling look.

It is hoped that Nadia keeps giving us such surprises in the future as well and continue to make her space in the hearts of people.