Electricity problems in Turbat district have exacerbated over the course of last few days and load shedding has resulted in shortage of drinking water which has caused great deal of inconvenience for the residents of Turbat city. 

Mercury is on high in Turbat during this whole month of April, May and June and the recent highest temperature has been recorded more 48 Celsius in the last few days and unavailability of electricity along the scorching weather has made the lives of the residents suffer extremely in numerous matters. 

Turbat is facing low voltage due to the heavy electricity load in summer season which has made the electronic appliances of many households to develop faults because of low voltage problems. 

The inhabitants of Turbat have threatened to protest vehemently if the issue isn’t resolved soon and the inhabitants of Turbat city urge Chief Minister of Balochistan to take urgent notice of load shedding in the district Kech and the rest of Makran division. 


Turbat, April 20.