Multan    -   Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mahmood Qureshi said yesterday that anti-Pakistan and CPEC elements were involved in terrorism as some powers did not want stability in Pakistan.

“We need to think as to why there is a sudden surge in terrorism. Some powers don’t want to see CPEC making progress,” he added, while talking to media here.

He said, “We did not talk without investigation. We talk with utmost responsibility and that’s why we did not level allegations against India. India blamed Pakistan for Pulwama attack but failed to prove it.” He said, “If RAW or NDS were found involved in terrorism incidents we will chase them.” He said that even though Indian jets emerged from behind the clouds, Pakistani falcons shot them down.

The FM revealed that Chinese Vice President was coming to Pakistan on May 26. “Mutual projects in the fields of agriculture, agri-research, labour, training and many other fields will be signed. It will increase employment opportunities in Pakistan,” he added.

Qureshi said although Pakistan was passing through a difficult time, yet PTI government would complete its five-year term. He claimed that the government did not want to go to IMF but the circumstances forced it to go there. He further explained that financial deficit was at its peak, investment had stopped, unemployment was touching record high and the situation was deteriorating fast. He said that all the former governments relied upon indirect taxes and our imports were higher than the exports. “National kitty was empty and circular debt for the last five months worth Rs806 billion was there. Although friendly countries extended all out support, still we needed to go to the IMF,” he further explained the circumstances. He claimed that the government was striving for soft IMF conditions with a view to offering maximum relief to the masses.

Referring to the South Punjab secretariat, he disclosed that the government had allocated Rs. 680 million for South Punjab secretariat and it would become functional in next financial year. He accused PML-N of dividing people in the name of South Punjab province, saying the Nawaz League never wanted to create the province. He revealed that the PTI had constituted a committee comprising Sami Ullah Chaudhry, Sardar Nasar Ullah Dareshak and Pir Zahoor Qureshi which would table South Punjab province bill in the assembly today.

The FM said that the result of Indian elections would be declared on May 23 and whoever would come into power would not have soft corner for Pakistan. He pointed out that the internal and external condition of india was precarious and and the new Indian government would have to sit on the table for talks.

To a query, he claimed that the PTI government did not support the persons involved in May 12 tragedy. “The case is in the court and whatever verdict comes, it will be acceptable to all,” he declared. He said that the PTI government had taken the dummy local government system to its logical end. He added that all local government representatives from Chairman to Councillors lamented about the absence of powers. He said that the government had passed local government act 2019 which would make the local government representatives independent and devolution of power would be ensured.

He disclosed that 30 per cent of Punjab’s budget would automatically go directly to the local governments.

Qureshi claimed that the projects launched by the incumbent government were public friendly. He claimed that the previous government spent Rs. 54 billion on Multan Metro but the people got no benefit from it. He said that the foundation stone of Nishtar-11 had been laid and the 1000-bed hospital project would be completed at a cost of Rs4 billion which would benefit the people at large.