According to the 2016 Global Hunger Index Pakistan has been ranked as a country with “serious” hunger level with 22 percent of its population undernourished. It has been placed 107 in a ranking of 118 developing countries. The last increase in irrigation supplies was made 40 years ago when Tarbela dam was commissioned. The ignoramus politicians did not know that Mangla and Tarbela dams have increased the water supply to Sindh and not decreased it.

Benazir has exploited the curse of provincialism which she knew prevailed for political gains. The result is that the ignorant nationalists of Sindh are ready to kill for even a little water do they know that they are digging their own graves. Even the present leadership of PPP dare not even take the name of the Kalabagh dam. The educated people in Sindh and even in Punjab, and of course the media bear a heavy responsibility for allowing matters to reach this stage where Pakistan is likely to top the list in less than a few decades concerning water scarcity.


Lahore, October 13.