wah cantt   -  A science exhibition organized by Sir Syed Education Foundation at a local school in Hassanabdal on Sunday brought together little apprentices and seasoned masters, in which participants from different educational institutions of Taxila, Wah, Hassanabdal, Khanpur and Haripur presented projects in the fields of physics, botany, chemistry, zoology and home economics. Scores of students along with teachers and parents showed up at the one-day science exhibition aimed at developing the potential for science and critical thinking among youngsters. In the exhibition, students presented projects portraying application of classical mechanics by displaying prototypes of a hydraulic bridge, hydraulic car elevator, mechanical pendulum clock, wave machine and another prototype presenting gravity in the solar system. Students also presented projects related to polyester formation, chemically enhanced beauty and synthetic fibers in the subject of chemistry. Students interested in the fields of botany and zoology presented projects regarding plant succession, growth hormone production and cloning, including cloning of rabbits. The exhibition also attracted attendees from all walks of life, including politicians, educationists, specialists, entrepreneurs, science aficionados and environmentalists.

Addressing at the concluding ceremony member Punjab assembly from Hassanabdal, Sardar Iftikhar Khan said that today the world recognizes nations through their contributions in the fields of science and research. He was of the view that a strong nation occupies a weak nation for its wealth. He added that students and the youth was the future of the country and they should realize their responsibilities. He called upon the students to excel in science if they wanted to see Pakistan as a developed country and compete in the world. “No progress sans scientific knowledge.” adding that co-curricular activities help in maintaining students’ interest in academic education and inculcating team spirit.  Chief Scientific officer Kahuta Research laboratories, Dr Shahzad Ahmed speaking on this occasion said that “Science is the mother of all disciplines. He congratulated all the students and teachers on the successful completion of the projects”. He said the exhibition would provide an opportunity to the students to know about latest scientific trends and technologies. He was of the view that students participating in the competition told that they could improve their talent if provided with facilities. Professor Tahir Durrani, Chairman Sir Syed education foundation speaking on this occasion said that the purpose of this programme was to impart inquiry-based science education to students of underprivileged backgrounds. He was of the view that the event was organized in order to motivate students towards research in the fields of science and technology in addition to promoting healthy competition among them. It also explored hidden potential in students of government schools to make them future scientists and technologists. On this occasion, the participating students also shared their experiences.  Earlier, MPA Sardar Iftikhar Khan distributed prizes and trophies to the students showing excellent performance. He also visited the physics, chemistry, art gallery, botany lab, science museum, art and Pakistan studies exhibitions where students displayed their work. The Vice-Chancellor appreciated the skills of all the students.



khalid mahmood