ISLAMABAD - Breaking his long stay at Constitution Avenue, Pakistan Awami Tehrik chief Tahirul Qadri on Sunday left for Faisalabad, telling his supporters that his “Revolution March” is entering a decisive phase.

“Our struggle started with Model Town clashes. We reached Islamabad on August 14 and our sit-in has now completed 60 days,” he said, adding that PAT’s agenda is to change the system completely and the party will not rest until this goal is achieved. Qadri while addressing PAT workers said his struggle to change the system is now heading towards its victory.

He said that he has promised to end the system of injustice in Pakistan. He remarked that the current government would be responsible in case martial law is imposed in Pakistan.

The firebrand cleric lamented the corrupt practices in the country and also thanked media outlets for continuous coverage of the PAT’s sit-in. Qadri said that PAT sit-in has changed Pakistan forever, as people have stood up for their rights. He further assured his supporters that he will fight till the end. He added that his party’s struggle against injustice would not end and the corrupt system will be overthrown soon. He promised to put an end to the system of injustice continuing in Pakistan for the past 65 years.