Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari has said that major steps have been taken towards formulation of “coherent strategy” to protect basic human rights of minorities.

“Steps have been taken towards formulation of coherent strategy to protect basic human rights of minorities. Human rights including those of minorities are enshrined in [our] constitution”, she said.

During a meeting with representatives of religious minorities the Federal Minister expressed her Determination to ensure rights of minorities pertaining to “liberty and security” and said the Government wanted socio-economic upliftment of the religious minorities.

Among the other attendees of the meeting were Federal Secretary Rabia Javeri and other officials.

Laws regarding protection of minorities came under discussion during the meeting, whilst the delegation put forward their recommendations.

The delegation was also briefed about implementation of laws, policies and steps pertaining to right of minorities.

Dr Mazari said that minorities have religious freedom and full security rights and they have rights equivalent to other citizens.

The delegation said that the Ministry of Human Rights has rendered major services for the protection of rights of religious minorities. The religious minorities affirmed their full support to the government.