Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed on Thursday vowed to complete the task given to him by Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan and he would improve railways and reduce debt by December 30.

“I promise to keep a check on the railways, even if I have to put up a disguise and conduct raids,” Sheikh Rasheed said adding that the railways would be upgraded and new facilities would be provided like Wi-Fi and functional fans and lights.

Most of the trains are old and we need to upgrade them, he further said. “For now, we will have to focus on doing our best with the limited amount of money that we have,” he said, adding that they would try to reduce ticket prices rather than increasing them.

The railways minister further claimed that the ministry would erase the Rs42 million deficit that railways is in and would make gauges from Quetta to Taftan by December 30. Sheikh Rasheed added, “I have zero tolerance for corruption.”

Moreover, the railways minister is expected to meet the PM in a high-level meeting. Last week, he had announced that a new tax worth Rs1-10, varying according to different ticket prices, would be added to the price of train tickets as the Ministry of Railways' contribution towards the dam fund.