LAHORE - Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) leader Rana Sanaullah on Saturday said that courts are being stopped from providing justice to opposition leaders, criti­cising the government for resorting to “politics of vendetta”. 

“Courts are being stopped from dispens­ing justice in this whole process of opposition leaders’ victimisation,” said the former Punjab law minister, speaking to media persons. Sanaul­lah could not be indicted in the drugs smuggling case today as the judge who was supposed to conduct the hearing was on leave. The PML-N leader said that families of judges who hear cases against opposition par­ties are monitored. 

“[As you know] judges are also changed through WhatsApp [messages],” he said. 

Further criticising the accountability process in the country, Sanaul­lah said that everyone, “from the chairman NAB to his assistant are being held hostage and are be­ing blackmailed”. “Even the questions they ask are handed to them from somewhere else,” he said. “By creating this envi­ronment of fear in the country, we are pushing it towards anarchy and chaos,” he added.