RAHIM YAR KHAN - A car collided with an oil tanker on the motor­way M5 near Rahim Yar Khan claimed four lives including a couple. According to details, residents of Karachi namely Mohammad Si­kandar, Mohammad Us­man, Rashidan Bibi and Abdul Wasi were trav­elling on by car from Karachi to Lahore on Saturday. They were on their way to Lahore via Motorway M5 when the driver fell asleep and ran over the oil tanker TLX 173 near Gha­ziabad, about 30 km away from Rahim Yar Khan. All the passen­gers of car succumbed to their injuries on the spot. The accident was so severe that the bod­ies of the victims were removed by cutting off the body of car. Later, the bodies of the de­ceased were sent to Ka­rachi for burial.