KARACHI (PR) - LG Electronics (LG) has recently announced the launch of its new compact full touchscreen phone, the LG GD510, or more simply, Cookie POP. The LG GD510 can be recharged utilising the power of the sun. The new mobile handset reflects the companys aggressive green initiatives and represents its commitment to creating a healthier environment for everyone. Worldwide, the phone already topped one million unit sales just five months after its European and CIS release in October 2009. Cookie POP delivers all the essentials in communication, multimedia and entertainment, with an unembellished design and uncompromising quality. We at LG have successfully reduced 2.1-million tons of greenhouse gas emissions in the first half of 2009 through greater energy efficiency and improved manufacturing processes, said Ki Wan Kim, CEO of LG Electronics MEA. We develop our products based on the companys goal of eco-friendly sustainability. Our green policy is included in the handsets entire lifecycle process, from raw materials through production, logistics, usage and disposal. By 2012, LG plans to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by our products to a level 15 percent lower than 2007 by enhancing the energy efficiency of our main products, added Kim. We will continue our role as a socially responsible leader in the mobile industry.