ISLAMABAD Senators across the political divide on Tuesday called for backing the consensus made in the Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament (CRCP) for smooth passage of the 18th Amendment Bill and not politicising the issue of NWFP renaming. Taking part in the debate over the Bill, speakers from both the treasury and opposition benches regretted that certain quarters were exploiting the sentiments of the people of Hazara Division for political mileage, which, they said could lead to sabotaging the consensus made over the various issues after decades of turbulent political history of the country. Senator Ishaq Dar said PML-Q had signed the 18th Amendment Bill and now the party should honestly stand by the consensus reached over in the CRCP. He said another amendment could be brought in for revisiting the issue of NWFP renaming, adding that any amendment at this stage would re-initiate the whole process. Any amendment at this stage would very much prolong the passage of the Bill, as it would again go to the National Assembly for clause by clause reconsideration, the PML-N Parliamentary Leader said. He further said that the Judicial Commission for appointment of judges to higher judiciary would not curtail independence of judiciary, adding that PML-N had rendered great sacrifices for the cause. He also said that the Bill was a major step forward in the direction of provincial autonomy. He maintained that the non-state actors wanted to sabotage the consensus through exploiting the sentiments of the people of Hazara Division. PML-Q Senator and Leader of the Opposition Wasim Sajjad opposed renaming of the NWFP as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, saying that his party had not been taken on board over the issue. He, however, said PML-Q supported all other amendments, which, he said, would eventually strengthen democracy and ensure prosperity of the provinces. Senator Professor Khurshid welcomed the Khyber prefix with the Pakhtunkhwa, saying it was the symbol of Islamic victories. He said the issue emerged out of the NWFP renaming should be resolved with reconciliation. Senator Haji Adeel warned of strong reactions in other parts of the NWFP if the 18th Amendment Bill could not go through the Parliament. He regretted that certain political parties ignited peaceful people of Hazara Division for their pity political gains. Haji Adeel said that ANP always remained committed to the politics of peace and never resorted to violence in its enduring political struggle. He assured of judicial probe into the killing of protestors in Hazara Division. PML-Q Senator Tariq Azeem staged token walk out over the killing of a student in the protests in Hazara, who was also followed by senators of PML-N and Jamaat-i-Islami. Earlier, he said that PML-Q supported the 18th Amendment Bill, but said it was not impossible to bring another amendment to resolve the issue of NWFP renaming. Senator Zafar Ali Shah stressed that every citizen should be given the right to initiate proceedings under Article 6 of the Constitution. While winding up his presentation, Chairman CRCP Mian Raza Rabbani could not control his emotions, as his voice got hoarse with eyes getting wet while wishing if Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and her mother were alive to see these historic moments. He said BB was his political mother and that it was her wisdom that led the nation to this consensus. The consensus of the House was that the 18th Amendment, though not satisfied the aspirations of various quarters, especially pertaining to the provincial autonomy, but still it was a great achievement given the incumbent situation of the country.