Maajid Nawaz, co-founder for UK’s Quilliam foundation and a Lib Dem candidate was apparently ‘caught’ red handed going to a strip club. Not only that but he was caught on CCTV harassing the dancer or so the Daily Mail claims.

The tabloid, for it can hardly be referred to an actual newspaper, states “married feminist who is running for Parliament is filmed with stripper in drunken night of temptation. Staff said Nawaz had been pestering the girl all night and his actions had been ‘outrageous’.”

It would be pertinent to mention here that Maajid Nawaz had not been married at the time like it states and if in fact his actions had been outrageous, he would have been thrown out at the earliest convenience and not been tolerated; as it is apparent the ‘all for feminism’ club owner worries so much about his employees.

Another fact is that this took place last year before he was a candidate for the parliament and before he got married. His best man took him out for a stag night, and his wife-to-be was fully aware of his actions.

The club owner Abdul Malik says he wanted the video to be seen by the public because of the way Nawaz talks about feminism and religion on TV and how all this made him think about what a hypocrite he is. Strangely enough, the strip club itself is owned by a Muslim (Abdul Malik as stated above) and if he feels so strongly about going to strip clubs as being against feminism, should he be running a strip club at all? How can he of all the people, talk about hypocrisy?

Malik further states that Nawaz acts like a spokesman for Islam but visited the club during the holy month of Ramadan.

Am I the only one seeing the irony here? Muslim man who runs strip club on Ramadan calls out another man for visiting the said club in Ramadan and for being a Muslim?

My Irony meter shattered to a million pieces after this comment!

Nawaz has never claimed to be a spokesman for Islam. He has never claimed to be the perfect Muslim and has in fact been warned publicly on a TV show by Anjem Chaudhary that he is wajib-ul-qatal. He is no poster boy for Islam. He has never been. He has asked for the reform of Islam so it can fit the modern times not that he is the man who will reform it.

There is a difference.

Going back to the outrageous night, it is an entirely different debate whether one can be a feminist and go to a strip club or not. There are two kinds of people. One who are okay with strip clubs, and others who are not. In this case, this matter is entirely between his now-wife and him.  It is not for the rest of the world to judge, and especially not the Muslim strip club owner. However, he has entered the world of politics and will have be more vary in the future, not to give anyone a chance to say/do anything.

Another question that arises is why did Malik wait a whole of nine months to share this deep dark (non) secret video of Nawaz? Could it possibly have anything to do with the upcoming elections? I don’t know, maybe to tarnish his campaign? Has such a thing ever happened before in the dirty world of politics? I must google if this Malik was the first man to ever think of this brilliant move to defame someone.

Or was he really out there just to defend Islam? Nine months later, the Muslim in him rose like a phoenix and he said, “Today is the day I will defend Islam and will shut down my strip club.”

Oh wait.

How this will affect Maajid Nawaz’s campaign and future in politics, only time will tell.