LAHORE - Punjab Healthcare Commission has closed down 57businesses of quacks in three cities, and initiated further proceedings against them.

According to a press release issued here on Friday, the PHC teams visited different parts of three cities, that is, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Okara, and sealed 57 businesses of quacks. The quacks have been categorised as 29 general quacks, 18 fake dentists, nine hakeems and one bone-setter. In Okara, 28 quacks’ businesses were closed, which comprised 16 general quacks, seven fake dentists and five hakeems. 19 fake treatment centres were also closed down in Rawalpindi, which included nine dentists, six general quacks, three hakeems and a bone-setter.

The PHC team had also sealed 10 fake treatment centres in Lahore, which comprised seven general quacks, two fake dentists and a hakeem. The sealed businesses were: Liaquat Clinic, Amin Clinic and Hospital, Rehman Clinic, Al-Hafeez Homoeo Clinic, Hamza Clinic, Al-Rehman Clinic and Fouji Clinic & Medical Store. Also, Surgery Dental Clinic and Gaba Dental Clinic, while one Nusharaf Matab was also sealed.

The spokesperson of the PHC has added that the Commission has sealed more than 8,550 businesses of quacks, and imposed a fine of about Rs65 million.