LAHORE-It takes a certain kind of exceptional talent as an actor to make you feel sorry for the bad guy – and Bilal Abbas Khan has shown that excellence in him with Wajih.

Cheekh is certainly one of the best dramas by Big Bang Entertainment that showcased a very difficult theme with a powerful and an everlasting message.

Cheekh has come to an end and we are all praises for team Cheekh, including Bilal Abbas Khan, Saba Qamar and many others, for giving us such a deserving drama.

It is directed by Badar Mehmood, produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi and stars two highly efficient actors as the lead roles, who have given us memorable characters to stay in our hearts forever. Wajih’s character was the most complex in the entire drama and it was performed by Bilal Abbas Khan with such perfection.

The kind of frequent transformations he has gone through time and again, and has successfully convinced us of his acting abilities, has been impressive to the core.

From a loving and doting brother, to an arrogant murderer, a scary harasser, a crazy villain, a worried man, and eventually to a broken criminal, Wajih has shown us all faces, immaculately done by Bilal Abbas Khan.

It is always a risk, playing the role of an antagonist, because the actor might always be seen by his audience as the bad guy. But the beauty of Wajih as the villain in Cheekh was that he eventually made you fall in love with him.