Gwader, the Megacity of Pakistan, is being developed under numerous development projects which bring up progression in the country. The CPEC project is the open-door of developing the city in the future. It is the backbone of Pakistan and very popular in the entire country.

But unfortunately, Gwadar is deprived of the proper education which is the basic right of everyone. As Gwader has only one University which consists of four departments; Commerce, Computer Science, Education and Management of science. The university of Gwadar is the only educational institution where all people who have come from far areas such as Pishukan, Jewani, Ganz, Kappar, and Pasni in order to obtain higher education, but the institute doesn’t provide the education of more departments.

There are more than 1500 students who are getting eduaction in the university; but the Universty needs some more departments such as; Balochi literature, English Litetature, Chemistry, Biology, Law and etc. The university lacks behind in drinking clean water, the water is contaminated. The students of Gwader univesity also demanded permanent lecturers to provide well-quality education to the students as currently many teachers are visiting ones who teach strangely. There must be permanent and well-active lecturers and should be Mphil and P.hD holders.

So, it is my humble request to the CM of Balochistan to take action on this actionable issue to establish more departments in Gwadar University in order to fullfil the desires of the nation builders.