PESHAWAR           -       The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced to recruit SSC and HSSC passed 5, 000 new teachers for the newly merged trib­al districts to stimulate educational institu­tions in these areas of the province.

This new criterion will only be applied on tribal districts, officials said on Tuesday add­ing that the purpose of this decision is to give priority to the local tribal people on jobs op­portunities in their own areas, besides en­hancing level of education.

However, certain quarters among the pol­icy makers believed, although it would pro­vide jobs to locals, but it would affect the quality of the teaching as SSC and HSSC teachers may not be able to teach the ad­vanced syllabus at schools there.

The KP Elementary and Secondary Educa­tion Department has taken this decision to meet shortage of teachers at schools in trib­al districts under which about 5, 000 new teachers will be hired in all the seven trib­al districts.

Another official who believes this decision will be helpful said it will certainly revive the educational institutions of the tribal belt.

In this regard, Adviser to the Chief Min­ister on Education Zia Ullah Khan Bangash said that the purpose of this step is to cre­ate job opportunities for the tribal youth of newly marked districts as well as to stim­ulate the educational institutions that had been negatively affected for decades due to the negligence and militancy in the trib­al belt.

Since the education ratio is much lower than other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Bangash said that the education institutions in the merged districts will be brought to the level of other areas of the province in educa­tion standard with the recruitment of 5,000 teachers,.

Talking about recruiting more teachers in the province, Bangash informed that the provisional government has set the task of recruiting 65, 000 teachers in the province during the coming years.

The PTI government has so far recruited more than 35,000 teachers, which gave pos­itive results.

He said that the KP government would not compromise on education standard at all, besides more steps would also be tak­en soon.