ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said the entire nation was ready to fight for Kashmir to all the limits.

Speaking at a news conference here, Bilawal criticised the government for doing little practical work on the Kashmir front.

“We are ready to battle for the rights of Kashmiris. The government has (so far) been using tweets consistently (to resolve the issue),” he said, adding that every incompetence could be tolerated; but compromise on Kashmir would not be accepted.

He said the entire nation would fight for the rights of Kashmiris till all the possible limits.

Bilawal spent the first day of Eidul Azha in Azad Jammu Kashmir to express solidarity with the Kashmiris after Indian illegally merged the other part of Kashmir into its union.

Earlier, India striped Kashmir of its special status by revoking Article 370 and 35A. Bilawal also met the leadership of All Pakistan Hurriyet Conference. Last week, Joint Session of the Parliament passed a resolution unanimously condemning “illegal, unilateral, reckless and coercive” attempt by India to alter the disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir, as enshrined in the UNSC resolutions, as well as the “regressive measures” to change Jammu and Kashmir’s demographic composition through repeal and revocation of article 35-A of the Indian constitution. Bilawal said the Kashmiris were looking towards Pakistan for help and “we need to take practical measures for their support.”

He added: “We want the people of Kashmir to decide about their future independently; however for it we need to share their emotions and sorrows…and firmly fight for their rights at the diplomatic stage.”

Bilawal Bhutto said that the political brass of the country should send a unanimous message to the world that Pakistan was firmly standing behind the people of occupied Kashmir whom the Indian government had annexed.

The PPP chief said India’s moves in the occupied territory would be detrimental to regional peace and security, but the PPP and the people of Pakistan would continue to struggle and strive for the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir and their due rights.