TOBA TEK SINGH - Pirmahal, a sub-tehsil of Toba Tek Singh, would soon be made a tehsel, the Pirmahal Tehsil Banao Movement president expressed the hope. Mian Asad Hafeez added that a resident of the sub-tehsil and former British parliamentarian had also joined the movement. Addressing a meeting of the movement on Tuesday, Hafeez along with Dr Kashif Riazullah, Mushtaq Ahmad Saeedi and other office-bearers, said that DCO Javed Iqbal had assured him of recommending the demand to the Punjab government. He added that Pirmahal was a sub-tehsel before the partition of India and Pakistan and it had not so far been made a tehsil. He added that it had been suggested that 114 villages of Toba and Kamalia be included in the tehsel. He demanded that the Punjab chief minister should fulfill his promise which had made with the citizens of Pirmahal during his last visit.