OKARA - The Okara-Depalpur Road should be widened. It was demanded by Sahibzada Faqeer Ahmed Razzaqui, Malik Nazeer Ahmed Jhakhar, Ch Shafiq Ali Khan and other residents of Depalpur and Okara. They said that Depalpur Town was a junction as it was connected with Bahawalnagar district via Head Sulemanki and Haveli Lakha. It also led to many cities such as Pakpattan, Bonga Hayat, Kasur, Shergarh, Akhtarabad, Basirpur, Hujra Shah Moqeem and Mandi Ahmedabad. "So, the 20km long road between Okara and Depalpur cannot bear the enormous traffic load. Besides, the road between Okara and Depalpur has many industrial units along," they said.

"During harvesting seasons of wheat, paddy and sugarcane even a bike rider cannot find a way on this road to his destination. Heavy traffic on the road causes fatal road accidents," they added. "The road should be widened on urgent basis," they demanded.

Police nick several drug-peddlers

A number of narcotics dealers were nabbed by the police, and a heavy quantity of drugs and liquor was recovered. The police arrested Zafar Iqbal with 450g of Charas, Shazia Bibi w/o Nazeer Hussain with 400g of Charas, Khushi Muhammad with 610g of Charas, Khizar Hayat with 19 litres of liquor, Imran with 55 litres of liquor, M Imran with 53 litres of liquor and M Waqas with 15 litres of liquor. Cases were registered accordingly. On the other hand, five youths were nabbed for using Pencil Shisha. A Pencil Shisha was recovered from their possession. The Shergarh police on a tip-off raided and arrested Sajjad Ali, Bilal Ali, Wasim Abbas, Ali Haidar and Shaukat Ali who were smoking Pencil Shisha at a site in the town.

A Pencil Shisha was recovered from their possession. The use of Pencil Shisha had been prohibited under 11/5/8 Anti Smoking Ordinance 2002.