Poverty is spreading like a silent epidemic in our deteriorating society where most of the children are deprived of the basic rights like the right of gaining a quality education, one time of meal and so on.

Unfortunate to say that most of the developed countries’ people have reached over the moon but we are still stuck in tackling the basic problems and various outcomes, be it poverty, terrorism, or something else.

But with no time, no a single moment ago, one could draw a comparison with our neighboring country like India where millions of people slept hungry at night, but in Pakistan where not a single person went to bed with an empty stomach. But alas! most of the people have lost their in the recent days and months.

According to a research conducted by United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund that until the world focuses on the plight and gross situations of the disadvantaged children,69 million children will die in preventable diseases by 2030 while 167 million will live in poverty by 2030. It points to evidence that in Pakistan education depends on genders, residence and wealth. About 80 percent of deaths of children under five happen in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa and half of the deaths occur in just five countries including Pakistan, India, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, and Nigeria.

Now we have a choice to Invest in these children now or allow our world to become still unequal and divided.


Kolahoo, December 3.