Let me simply start off by saying that we have callously exploited Mother Nature over the past decades with tools and high tech technology that should have never been invented in the first place. In effect, the recent earthquakes not merely dominant in South Asia but globally is a wake-up call for all of us. As individuals, it is our sole responsibility to preserve our environment from the monstrous technologies that have outweighed traditional means of exploring the universe.

But the question to put forward here is, what is causing these earthquakes throughout the world? On January 8th, 2016 an earthquake jolted Afghanistan and Pakistan preceding the last two major earthquakes of magnitudes 7.5 (back in October, 2015) and 6.3 (in December, 2015). Moreover, earthquakes were quite uncommon and rare over a decade ago but have now become an epidemic. Some researchers cite the use of excavation tools and high tech technology to extract water, oil and gas as one of the chief reasons why the earth’s tectonic plates clatter and cause an earthquake. Second, the man made muddle, global warming is yet another cause that has led to two earthquakes in Pakistan last year and many others throughout the world.

Global warming causes the glaciers to melt at a steady rate resulting in increased levels of water in the oceans and seas. This disrupts the earth’s smooth functioning and an earthquake most likely ensues in consequence. Hence, it is important to enlighten individuals about a matter as serious as this. It is sad that we are the ones causing these earthquakes and need to act on it instantaneously. Not everything is supposed to be technology driven. The past civilizations have survived on water, oil and gas without the use of technology. The only difference is that of traditional means used to extract those resources. So, why cannot we do the same? Is it simply because we are ignorant or have we taken everything for granted?

As an individual, I strongly believe we should limit and cut down on technology and preserve our environment. As our world is becoming more technological, it is vital for us to take preemptive measures to further curtail the influence of earthquakes. The uncontrollable population of Pakistan should be dealt with through a system of strict policy making, as overpopulation is another cause of global warming and all these factors are interlinked. So, I beg you all to learn something from these facts and take this matter seriously. You never know, in the future, earthquakes might not be the only natural disasters our earth would have to endure. Beware!