Chief Justice of Pakistan has ordered the milk brands to clearly write on packs that team whitener is not milk. 

During the hearing of substandard packed milk, environmental issue and water shortage case in Karachi Registry today, Chief Justice Nisar ordered the milk companies to clearly mention the difference of tea whitener and milk in writing, through advertisements through TV and print. 

"You have four weeks to do this," said CJP. 

The CJP further said that this is the issue of public interest and need to be resolved on emergency grounds. He thanked the officials, owners of milk companies and other staff to come on weekly off day. 

The court ordered the drug inspectors and FIA officials to conduct raids to confiscate the injections used for enhancements of milk production. 

The court further ordered the officials to take Rs. 50,000 from milk companies and conduct test on their milks from Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR). 

"We have observed that some companies are even selling substandard milk," the bench remarked. 

The chief justice also remarked that court will look into issue of 'open milk' after the packaged milk.