GUJRANWALA-Dacoits and thieves went on the rampage as various citizens were deprived of cash, gold ornaments, vehicles and other valuables here on Thursday.

In Aroop police station limits, three armed men snatched Rs100 thousand, gold chain and cellphone from Yasir, in Kotwali area dacoits took away Rs23,000, gold ornaments and cellphone from a woman, at Ahmed Nagar bandits snatched Rs37,000, cellphone from Farooq, in Gujranwala Saddr area, Masood was deprived of Rs40,000, gold ring and cellphone at gunpoint, and in Alipur Chattha robbers intercepted Imran and snatched Rs60,000, two cellphones and gold locket set. In city Kamoke area, dacoits took away Rs 42,000, two cellphones from Haider Ali, two armed men entered in the shop of Anwar and looted Rs25,000, and valuables in Dhulley Police limits, in Ghakkar Mandi armed men looted Rs100,000, gold chain and cellphones from Yaqoob, in Wazirabad Saddr area bandits snatched Rs60,000, two cellphones from Mohsin, in Sabzi Mandi Police limits, Shahbaz was deprived of Rs15,000, motorcycle and cellphone at gunpoint, in Aroop armed men intercepted a woman and looted Rs. 38 thousands, gold ornaments and cell phone, and in Sadar Kamoki area bandits snatched Rs.150 thousands, gold ornaments and cellphones from Abu Bakar.

In Wahndo dacoits took away Rs50 thousands, two cell phones and gold ornaments from Faqeer Muhammad, in Nowshera virkan robbers looted Rs45,000, two cell phones from Zaheer, in Tatliwali dacoits took away Rs83,000, gold ornaments and cellphone from Salman, at Ahmed Nagar Umair was deprived of Rs. 100 thousands, two cell phones at gunpoint, in Nowshera Virkan bandits snatched Rs40,000 and cellphone from Khizar, in city Wazirabad swindlers took away Rs47,000, gold chain and cell phone from Abbas, and in Wazirabad Saddr area, Farakh was deprived of Rs37,000, gold ornaments and cell phone.

At Sohdra dacoits took away Rs70,000, gold ornaments and cellphone from Anwar, at Wahndo Mazhar was deprived of Rs40 thousands, cellphone and gold ornaments on gun point, armed men took away Rs7,000, cellphone and motorcycle from Ashiq in Sabzi Mandi police station limit, in Ghakkar Asim was deprived of Rs30,000, two cellphones, in Alipur Chattha bandits snatched Rs73,000, gold ornaments from Liaqat, in Qilla Didar Singh armed men took away Rs57,000, two cellphones and gold locket from Aslam, two armed men entered in the shop of Tahir and looted Rs18,000, and valuables in Garjakh police limits, at Ferozwala robbers looted Rs73,000, two cellphones and gold ornaments from Imran.

In Tatlewali Shoaib was deprived of Rs60,000, three cell phones and gold ornaments on gun point, in theft incidents unknown thieves swept the houses and shops of Ali Raza, Jehangir,Naseer, Kashif, Rashi and Waleed while motorcycle of Munir was stolen from Satellite town area.