Football as a sport in Pakistan is now brimming with exciting prospects and a hopeful future. Football legends Kaka and Figo recently visited Karachi and Lahore for announcing the World Soccer Stars Event scheduled in April 2019.

The country was brimming with excitement to welcome these players in the hopes of seeing international football stars playing in Pakistan. An event of this stature is a step towards uplifting football in the country and mobilizing the talent on ground for eventually making way of representing Pakistani teams in international football.

The Sports Minister Fehmida Mirza met Ahmer Kunwar CEO Touch Sky Group, the mastermind behind WSS 2019, in facilitating the group for bringing such football legends to the country. “Our plan to host World Soccer Stars event in Pakistan sprouts from the hopes of mobilizing football on ground in Pakistan. TSG has a long term plan where with the help of the government we want to play a role in uplifting football at the grassroots level”.

Fehmida Mirza discussed how the presence of international licensing agencies like TSG in Pakistan was important for giving insights into recruitment and training for local talents. She further submitted that the government would give support in bringing such legendary players to the country and help promote a softer image of Pakistan to the world.

The two met at the Pakistan Premier League final where the team of Touch Sky Group interacted with the players and witnessed the football talent in Pakistan at hand. The World Soccer Stars Event is scheduled for April 2019 where 12 international football players will play exhibition matches in Lahore and Karachi. The event will be headlined by global music sensation Akon who will perform for the very first time in Pakistan.