LAHORE-International Superstar Qurram Hussain of JoSH-TheBand and the immensely talented singer Komal Rizvi have collaborated for the first time to bring you a super amazing take of the weddings’ classic ‘Desan Da Raja’, which was an ever-so-popular song at weddings.

The track evokes the same feeling of joy and celebration as did the original classic, which was originally sung by Naseem Begum for the movie ‘Kartar Singh 1959’. The theme of the song has been kept the same, whilst new lyrics have been put in, which have made the song more festive, more full of life and joyous!

‘Desan Da Raja’ released nation-wide on Eid and took the Pakistani music lovers by storm, having 1 million views on Facebook alone! The video truly comes out to be a celebration of Pakistani culture, art, history and most of all, MUSIC!

Asking Qurram on his journey with this song, he replies, “Cornetto PopRock is a very special project for me, especially considering that its my first solo venture. I could not have asked for a better song to introduce my solo musical self, because its a classic Pakistani track that I grew up listening to. Even though it was mostly heard at weddings, its melody resonated with me all my life, and when the opportunity came to perform with the ever-talented Komal Rizvi, I thought this would be the best song to collaborate on.”

On asking Komal what she felt about the song, she adds, “I am very excited about this song, from the moment Q and I decided we will be re doing this popular wedding classic, till the end product was finished, the process was very inspiring! As I re-wrote my part of the lyrics I was surprised to realize how easily they are flowing through me, jamming and rehearsing the song also felt so organic and natural and, of course, the wonderful chemistry with Q as a colleague and now also a good friend just made the whole journey so much lovelier. It’s a fun song, light and happy, something out nation needs right now, a positive and enjoyable song. I hope it is received with the same love and joy as how it was produced.”

Directed by Amaan Ahmed from ‘Uncut Studios’, it shows the true taste of the streets of Pakistan. Qurram is seen strolling around various market places in the midst of Karachi, where he was originally from, before shifting to Montreal, Canada. Komal Rizvi makes her presence felt with her uplifting spirits and joyous dancing around on the bus, which Qurram catches onto, once a mob of fan girls run after him!

Qurram, flashing his big smile throughout the song, makes us happy and feel the celebration ignited through the song! Perhaps the kind of positivity that Pakistanis and the whole world who are viewing Pakistanis need right now, this song is vowing to bring you lots of smiles and is a sure dance number on weddings this season!  ‘Desan Da Raja’ has gone viral as a popular ‘Mehendi’ dance track and is being used as a fun and festive song at various events nationwide!