I must begin by stating that we are immensely proud of you and what you’ve accomplished. The teamwork, dedication and commitment you show is an excellent example to encourage our youth in pursuing other fields of life.

I’m sure you are aware that a number of people were injured and few killed all over the country in the aerial firing, following your victory against India this June. On behalf of every child maimed or killed, never win a cricket match again. In a country like Pakistan where the state has allowed 20 million illegal guns in the possession of militant individuals and the mafia, it’s dangerous. The citizens of our country have become a target to the rich and powerful medieval gun owners, who have no regard for humanity.

They can get indulged in firing hundreds of rounds without any concern to how many people get injured or killed. This has been happening for past several years. The government seems to be completely insensitive to these barbaric ‘killing for joy act’ and has not created any kind of law, which controls the proliferation of guns. Therefore, there are no options left but request you to never win a cricket match again. I say this after witnessing the bloodshed and watching people in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar mourn their loved ones. I understand it sounds selfish and disheartening but this is the only way to prevent the loss of more lives in the next aerial firing, which is bound to happen following your next win.


Lahore, 20.