KARACHI - Caretaker Sindh government rejected the allegations leveled by political parties ahead of the restriction during election campaign, said spokesperson Sindh government here on Friday.

Taking cognizance of allegations by certain political parties including the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on twitter, regarding alleged restrictions on their election campaign, the spokesman of the government has clarified that care taker government's mandate is to facilitate the the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in holding free and fair elections on July 25th.

In this regard, every candidate contesting election is being provided with equal opportunity of election campaign, irrespective of political party in accordance with the law and the code of conduct issued by the ECP.

The spokesman categorically rejected the allegations that directives have been issued to restrict the election campaign of particular candidates or political party, adding that all contesting candidates and parties as well as their supporters are free to carry out their campaigns and activities, but as the per the code of conduct issued by the ECP which was formulated with the consensus of all the political parties.  The spokesman further stated that proper and formal complain management system is in place and empowered to deal with complaints of any hurdle or restriction in the campaigns or violations of the code of conduct. Such complaints can also be lodged with the district monitoring officers. The spokesman advised all the candidates to approach the DROs or DMOs formally in case of any complaint, giving specific details and seek redressal of their grievances from the relevant forum in accordance with law.

The spokesman warned that unfounded allegations against care taker administration and misguiding of public at large through twitter and other social media applications by candidates and political parties is inappropriate and itself violation of election laws and advised all concerned to avoid it.

Unfortunately, it also encourages anti-state elements or undemocratic forces to take advantage and create more uncertainty to sabotage and frustrate the excellent efforts of the ECP and the caretaker government to facilitate the holding of free and fair election for all.