LAHORE - Police took extraordinary security measures on Saturday, deploying 13,000 policemen besides elite force and reserve police to prevent any untoward incident on the occasion of funeral prayer of Maulana Sarfaraz Naeemi martyred the other day in a suicide blast. The City was once again under siege as unprecedented security measures were adopted by the police department and extraordinary patrolling on the part of Mujahid squad and elite force. The police barricaded parts of the City and placed pickets in the garrison city. The City police was strictly directed to follow the new security strategy according to which the policemen were not allowed to discharge duties on the roads and sensitive points in groups. One of the citys main roads - The Mall - was the focal point of all security measures along with Jaamia Naeemia at Gharri Shahu and Nasir Bagh, the venue where funeral prayer of Dr Sarfaraz Naeemi was offered. Barricading of The Mall caused immense problems to all kind of vehicular traffic. In view of security threats and backlash of the supporters and followers of Maulana Dr Naeemi, the markets remained closed beyond The Mall. Commenting upon the high security measures, citizens suggested that security agencies should improve their intelligence network to combat terrorism instead of making their life miserable by barricading roads. Citys main roads leading to sensitive installations and important public buildings were also barricaded to block all kinds of traffic. Around 462 traffic wardens, six DSPs and two SPs discharged their duties to execute the traffic plan prepared for the burial of Maulana Naeemi. The City police was strictly directed to stop entry of vehicles especially that of mini trucks, pick up vans and new Toyota Hiace for at least one day (Saturday) in the City. The police department feared that the terrorists may target the participants of the funeral prayer as it had happened in Dera Ismail Khan, said a senior police officer. Two main roads of the City - The Mall and Lower Mall - were completely blocked from Nasir Bagh to Chowk Assembly Hall for all kinds of traffic and general people. No less that 3,000 law enforcing agencies personnel including elite force, special commandos, staff of sensitive agencies and reserve police were deployed in and around the venue. The security officials scanned Nasir Bagh and one-kilometer area around it by using modern equipment and sniffer dogs hours before the funeral prayer. The security personnel were distributed in three parts. Around one 1,000 policemen were deployed inside Nasir Bagh and the same number of cops was deployed on the roads outside with special instructions to keep an eye on the pedestrians. In order to check suspected pedestrians walkthrough gates were installed at the main gates of Nasir Bagh where nobody was allowed to enter the venue without complete scanning.