ISLAMABAD- Ministry of Interior has approved creating three new positions in the Islamabad Police and in this regard a summary has been sent to Prime Minister for final approval. According to sources the Ministry of Interior had given consent for creating three new positions of Deputy Inspector General (Headquarter), SSP (Logistic) and Additional Inspector General AIG (Operations) in ICT Police on the request of Islamabad Police, and sent the summary for final approval to the PM secretariat. The sources in ICT Police further told that the request for creating three new posts in the city police department had been forwarded to the interior ministry on the grounds of increased burden in the wake of the recent wave of terrorism. The sources further said that Islamabad Police had recommended three new posts as the strength and the requirement of the force had increased and it was really tough to handle various matters with existing structure. Following these recommendations, Interior Ministry has forwarded a summary for the approval of Prime Minister regarding creation of these posts, the source said. It is to be mentioned here that there are three SSP officers already in Islamabad, SSP Security, SSP Traffic and SSP Operations while and SP is running the affairs of Police Lines Headquarters. The sources in ICT Police disclosed that the police officers were unhappy over the creation of new posts as it curtailed their power by reducing their ambit of authority. As the creation of new posts divides the authority of the sitting officers therefore they see the move with scepticism, said the sources. While on the other hand, ICT Police high-ups link the move with heavy pressure of work and say that it is meant to share burden. It is pertinent to mention that two new DSPs are being appointed in Traffic Police that would that would cause increase in DSPs traffic police strength from four to six. Meanwhile, the source said that various guest houses and restaurants are being monitored closely. An Intelligence gathering network is being prepared in this regard and the list is being compiled for crackdown against the guest houses involved in alleged immoral activities, said the sources. The sources said that Islamabad Police were formulating a security plan following which a police official would monitor a specific area and compile the list of rented houses, tenants, students of religious seminaries and those dealing in 'rent a car/bike business.