ISLAMABAD - For the fiscal year 2009-10, the government has allocated a sum of Rs 18 billion approximately under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for Food and Agriculture Division. As per details of budgetary allocations, Rs 16.7 billion have been earmarked for the 36 ongoing schemes and Rs 1.25 billion have been sanctioned for 15 new projects. According to the details of ongoing projects, Rs 10 billion would be spent for the improvement of watercourses in the country and Rs 1 billion have been earmarked for land and water resources development project, Rs 1.5b for the project of Water Conservation and Productivity Enhancement through High System Irrigation and Rs 1 billion are okayed for National Research and Development Project of Spate Irrigation System in Road Kohi Areas. The government is supposed to spend Rs 1 billion on the Programme for Food Security and Productivity Enhancement of Small Farmers in 1012 villages and Crop Maximisation Project (phase II) and Rs 150 million would be spent on commercialisation of tea production in NWFP and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, while national bio-saline agriculture programme would be completed this year with a total cost of Rs 100 million. As per details of new projects, Rs 500 million have been earmarked to provide tractors and other inputs to farmers on subsidised rates and Rs 200m have been allocated to a new project National Project for Enhancing Existing Grain Storage Capacity. According to budgetary details of Livestock and Dairy Development Division, the government has allocated Rs 2.6b approximately under PSDP for current financial year (2009-10). According to budgetary details, Rs 2.47 billion would be spent on 12 ongoing projects while Rs 110 million are earmarked for 6 new projects. The government has earmarked Rs 450 million for aquaculture and shrimp farming, while Rs 375 million would be spent on national programme for control and prevention of avian influenza all across the country. Rs 300 million have been allocated for meat production projects and the same amount has been shared out for milk collection/processing and dairy production and development programme. As against new schemes, the government has allocated Rs 110 million that included establishment of halal food certification system with a cost of Rs 10 million and sustainable development of salt brackish water aquaculture in the country with a cost of Rs 50 million. APP: The government has allocated an amount of Rs 12681.200m in the PSDP for completion of 20 on-going projects and execution of eight new schemes in Railways Division during 2009-10. Usman Cheema