LAHORE - Punjab Government for the fiscal year 2014-15 has allocated Rs 46.71 billion to education which includes higher education, school education, technical and special education, Daanish schools and laptops scheme.  Budgetary documents for the year 2014-15 shows 15.04 percent increase to the education budget compared to last year which was Rs 40.59 billion. Interestingly, the government revised the last year budget from Rs 40.59 billion to Rs 34.94 million which means the government did not utilize the total development budget of education.

According to documents, the Punjab government has allocated, Rs 1070m to pre-primary education affairs and services, Rs18.99 billion to secondary education affairs and services and Rs 22.82b to tertiary education affairs and services.

The provincial government has earmarked Rs 2 billion for Punjab Educational Endowment Fund and Rs 2b for Daanish Schools. A huge sum of Rs7.5b has been earmarked for Punjab Education Foundation, Rs 8b for provision of missing facilities in schools while Rs 1.36b are allocated for provision of missing facilities in colleges.  For Non formal and literacy education, the Punjab government has allocated Rs 2.40b. Rs 3b have been allocated for provision of free laptops and Rs 200m for establishment of computer labs in colleges whereas Rs 3.42 for establishment of new colleges in the province.