RAWALPINDI - The district administration in its crackdown against profiteers and hoarders took action against 138 shopkeepers and imposed a fine of Rs 247, 000 on violators.

According to a district administration spokesperson, the teams under the supervision of relevant assistant commissioners and food magistrates conducted 690 raids in different areas of the district and imposed a fines worth Rs 247,000 on violators involved in price hike, adulteration and profiteering. The price control magistrates have so far imposed fines worth Rs3,157,500 on profiteers from June 1st, spokesman added.

In a statement, Deputy Commissioner, Capt (Retd) Anwar UlHaq has said that, no one would be allowed to cheat the general public and strict action would be taken against profiteering or against those who were creating artificial shortage to gain more profit.