Karachi - Sindh Home Minister, Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, on Sunday said whenever the government faces hard time in its tenure, an organised group uses to start target killing incidents in Karachi. Talking to the media during the Kachi community protest on Maripoor Road, Dr Mirza informed that People Party is a political party and it would not permit anyone to violate the rule of law. While condemning the extortions and killing of innocent people Dr Mirza termed that current incidents of violence are not target killing incidents, but the some extortions groups were involved in the killing of another groups people, except some deaths. Replying the question about MQM and Peoples Party alliance, Dr Mirza said, Allah would give us ability to take positive steps for benefits of people of Sindh as well as Karachi, MQM is coalition alliance party of the PPP, and we need to join hand to address the Sindh issues. He further said, We would save all people including Kachi, Baloch, Mianwalli, Punjabi and Urdu speaking people and arrest the culprits besides they are covered in the flag of any political party. He also announced to from a committee to address the issues of Lyari area, in which Hussain Haroon would represent the Kachi community while the MNA and MPA of Lyari would resolve the issues in the next meeting announced by tomorrow (Monday). Earlier, thousands of People belonged to Kachi community took out on the street against constant threats, extortions, killing at Lyari and other 11 towns of Karachi as they claimed that under the banner of Pakistan Peoples Party, Lyari Aman Committee was involved against these heinous crimes. As per detail, on the presence of President Zardari in Bilawal House Karachi, thousands of Kachi people on Sunday, took out the street and blocked to Maripor road for several hours and announced the march to Bilawal house, in order to present charter of demand to curb the crime in the city, especially in Lyari town. Talking to The Nation, the information secretary of the Kachi Rabbitta Committee, Daowood Kachi alleged that Peoples Aman committee is killing innocent people and at lest 0.5 million people of the Lyari become hostage of these gangsters. He said, Most of the Kachi Community is the supporter of the Pakistan People Party, but I dont know, the provincial government did not take step against the gangsters, who spread their criminals activities not only in the Lyari but also all over the city. He alleged that Lyari Aman committee is sign of stigma on the face of PPP, however he further said Lyari Aman Committee is not totally involved in the crimes, and but the most of the area gangsters under the banner of LAC, involved in the crime and they also hostage of the area leaders of the People Party. He said KRC wanted to go to Bilawal House to present charter of demand, however, provincial Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, Rafiq Engineer, MNA Qadir Patel and other have given assurance to curb the crime not only in Lyari but also across the city, so we have postponed the rally and waiting for the action of Sindh Government.