MULTAN-A lion from Lahore Safari zoo and lioness from Lahore zoo have reached zoo facilities in Vehari and Dera Ghazi Khan to complete couples and ensure reproduction of animals there.

The lioness from Lahore zoo reached Dera Ghazi Khan zoo Tuesday to join the lion who has been caged alone at DG Khan zoo for the last few years, divisional wildlife officer Sajjad told the media.

Moreover, a lion from Lahore Safari zoo had already reached Vehari zoo on Mar 6, 2018, to join a lioness who had been caged alone at Vehari zoo since the death of an old lion in Sep 2017. Sajjad said some time ago when he was holding the charge of divisional wildlife office Multan with additional charge of wildlife divisional office DG Khan , he had sent the request to high-ups for arranging a lion for Vehari zoo and a lioness for DG Khan zoo, after sensing loneliness of the single lion.

Sajjad thanked the high-ups of the Wildlife Department besides the respective managements of Lahore zoo and Lahore Safari for sending a lion and a lioness. He said that completion of couples at zoo facilities in DG Khan and Vehari would also ensure their reproduction at the two recreational facilities in South Punjab.