LAHORE                 -             In a continued special inspection campaign of private hospitals and further expediting action on slacking facilities, the Punjab Healthcare Commission has closed down 12 operations theatres of nine hospitals, while suspending blood transfusion services of 10 healthcare establishments (HCEs). Besides serving notices, various treatment facilities at 13 hospitals were suspended for not implementing the minimum service delivery standards (MSDS). The HCEs had also been directed to submit compliance reports for restarting the services. During the three-day campaign of carrying out inspections of 16 hospitals this week, the PHC teams closed down two each OTs of Sadaan Hospital, OBGY Hospital and Family Hospital, one each of Life Care Hospital, Hafeez Hospital, Zaeema Hospital, Kishwar Sultana Hospital, Qaisra Hospital and Rubaya Medical Centre for improper cleanliness and non-implementation of the MSDS.

Moreover, various services including indoor, blood transfusion, OT, gynae and obstetrics, and surgical were also suspended for slacking off on the MSDS. Also, the hospitals had been directed to appoint qualified surgeons and gynaecologists to restart their respective services besides providing round-the-clock medical cover at the hospitals.

Also, Clapp Hospital, Jamila Faridi Medical Centre, Faisal Hospital, IhsanMumtaz Hospital, Wazir Hospital, Zindagi Hospital and Muhammad had been issued notices for failing to implement the MSDS.