ISLAMABAD - The Cautious and defensive driving provides safety to other citizens and one must care, while driving, about the pedestrians' right when they are crossing the road through Zebra Crossing, SSP Traffic Muhammad Zubair Hashmi stated this while addressing a Road Safety Workshop arranged at Micro Net Broadband on Tuesday. The 2-day workshop on Road safety & Education was organised by ITP at Micro Net Broadband to educate drivers as well as other staffers, including officers of the organisation regarding road safety. The concluding ceremony of the workshop was attended by SSP Traffic Muhammad Zubair Hashmi, DSP Traffic Syed Hassan Raza Shah and Chief Executive Micro Net Broadband Wahaj-us-Saraj. SSP Traffic Zubair Hashmi, while addressing the concluding session, stated that the aim of organising such kind workshop was to get the road users acquainted with traffic rules and regulations and to polish the driving skills of the drivers. "A driver must have patience and control on arrogance to save other lives," he added. At the end of session, the SSP presented souvenir to the Chief Executive Micro Net Broadband, Wahaj-us-Saraj.