ISLAMABAD Almost each and every street of the Federal Capital is infiltrated with notorious Blackwater, TheNation's investigations reveal. After weeks-long efforts, this newspaper has finally managed to get trails of the exact locations of as many as fifteen houses in the private residential areas of the city that are hired by the notorious spy agency among other 70 residences hired in the sectors of F series, E-7, G-6 and G-8. Of the aforementioned 15 lodgings, the postal records of that are available with TheNation, three each are located in sectors F-7/3, and F-8/3, two each in F-6/2 and E-7, one each in F-6/3, F-7/1, F-7/4, F-11/4 and G-6/4. Similarly, of over 70 (the number may vary) suspected operative venues of Blackwater, 55 are reportedly located in the F Sector and the remaining 15 in other sectors. The information received from credible security officials and some informed residents of the localities, where Blackwater personnel are residing, reveals that a significant number of these accommodations are acquired on rent in the name of a renowned US-based international non-governmental organisation, fifteen other fake humanitarian NGOs and security agencies. In addition, 43 residences are operating in the name of one fake humanitarian NGO that neither exists on ground nor carries any legal documentation. 350 Blackwater personnel are residing in the city along with unspecified number of US marines and spies of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The US marines, spies, and Blackwater 'contractors all introduce themselves as American diplomats, carry fake diplomatic cards, passports and car plates that provides them the cover of complete diplomatic immunity from Pakistani municipal and criminal laws. It is also learnt that majority of the personnel of these notorious organisations living in Pakistan not only understands Urdu, its standard and slang versions, but can also speak it. They learn Urdu in Washington before stepping into Pakistan. Most of the Americans arrive here on diplomatic visas or under the garb of humanitarian workers. A spokesperson of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education confirmed that none but only two of the NGOs used by Blackwater to get rental accommodations were either registered with the Ministry or had any legal record available with the Ministry. The two registered NGOs are granting humanitarian assistance in Pakistans military operation-hit areas and do not have any extended offices in Islamabad but dozens of suspicious houses have been acquired for rental use in their names here. Interior Minister Rehman Malik, several times, has publicly denied the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan. Despite attempts on Thursday evening, the Interior Minister was not available for comments and official version of the Ministry could not be attained due to the absence of Ministrys spokesperson.