The PPP suffered a severe blow as it has lost almost all the seats in Muzaffargarh, Lalamusa and Vehari districts in the May 11 general elections.

In Muzaffargarh, Hina Rabbani Khar’s father Malik Noor Rabbani Khar, former Punjab governor Ghulam Mustafa Khar, former minister Abdul Qayyum Jatoi are among the losers. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz won two out of five seats in the district while Jamshed Dasti won two seats as an independent candidate.

In NA-176, Malik Sultan Mehmood Hinjra of PML-N defeated Ghulam Mustafa Khar and Amjid Ali Qureshi. In NA-177, Jamshad Ahmed Khan Dasti was elected as MNA and Noor Rubani Khar of PPPP and Khalid Khan Gurmani of (PML-N) faced defeats.

Also In NA-178 constituency, Jamshed Ahmed became victorious as independent candidate, defeating Sardar Muhammad Eabad Doghar of PML-N and Nawabzada Iftikhar Ahmed Khan of the PPPP.

Makdoom Basit Ali Shah Bukhari of the PML-N was declared winner in NA-179 while Moazim Ali Khan Jatoi of PPPP and Sayed Muhammad Jamil Shah Bukhari of PTI are losers. In NA-180, Sardar Ashiq Khan Gophang as independent candidate was elected, Abdul Qayyum Khan Jatoi of PPPP and Syed Abdullah Bukari of PML-N are losers.

Following are the newly elected Punjab Assembly members: PML-N’s Malik Ahmad Yar Hinjra (PP-251), independent candidate Malik Ghulam Murtaza Rahim Khar (PP-253), independent candidate Mian Alamdaar Abbass Qureshi (PP-255), PML-N’s Mian Imran Qureshi (PP-256) where independent candidate Amir Karamat was runner-up with 27,170 votes.

Likewise, the PML-N has won three National Assembly seats out of four and seven Punjab Assembly seats out of eight with thumping majority of votes while the PML-Q could secure only one NA and one PA seats here.

The PPPP and the PTI failed to muster confidence of the people and could not get a single seat across the district. In 2008 elections, the PPP bagged two, PML-N and PML-Q each one NA seats. In May 11 elections, Nawabzada Mazhar Ali Khan of PML-N won the NA-104 contest by securing 84,813 votes and defeating PML-Q and PPP’ joint nominee Ch Wajjahat Hussain who could get 80,876 votes.

In NA-105, Ch Pervaiz Elahi of PML-Q fought tooth and nail to win the contest by obtaining 78,017 votes against his nephew Ch Mubasher Hussain, a PML-N candidate, who could secure 64,652 votes. Similarly, Ch Jaffar Iqbal (PML-N) emerged victorious from NA-106 by getting 82,546 votes and defeating independent candidate Syed Noorul Hasan Shah, an annoyed PML-N leader who secured 55,943 votes, PPP’s Qamer Zaman Kaira and PTI’s Mian Afzal Hayat.

In NA-107, Ch Abid Raza Kotla of PML-N won the contest with thumbing majority of votes as he got 94,083 votes and his closest opponent Muhammad Ilyas of PTI got 60,962 votes.

As per unofficial results, the following PML-N candidates are victorious as members of the Punjab Assembly: Nawabzada Haider Mehdi (PP-108); Maj (r) Moeen Nawaz Warriach (PP-109); Haji Imran Zafar (PP-111); Ch Muhammad Ashraf Dewona (PP-112); Mian Tariq Mehmood (PP-113); Malik Muhammad Hanif Awan (PP-114); Ch Shabir Ahmad Kotla (PP-115); and Ch Monis Elahi of PML-Q (PP-110).

In NA-167 Vehari-1, Nazeer Araeen of the PML-N snatched the seat getting 98,523 votes while his rival Aisha Nazeer Jatt, an independent candidate, could get only 43,567. In 2008 elections, Nazeer Jatt won this seat with record votes.

 In NA-168, PML-N candidate Sajid Mehdi  Shah secured 59,304 votes defeating Ishaq Khan Khakwani of PTI who got 46,569 votes and Natasha Daultana of PPP.

In NA-169, Tahir Iqbal got 76,765 votes and defeated Tehmina Daultana former federal minister and central leader of PML-N with 63,209 votes. In NA-170, Saeed Khan of PML-N with 83,533 votes defeated PTI candidate Aurangzeb who got 80,171 votes. In PP-233, Ch Arshad Araeen of PML-N with 39,525 votes defeated Shahbaz Dogar of PTi with 22,773 votes. In PP-234, Irfan Daultana of PML-N with 23,899 votes defeated Afzal Baito, an Independent candidate who got 17,326 votes.

In PP-235, Bilal Akbar Bhatti of PML-N with 25,612 votes defeated Ijaz Bandesha, independent candidate, who got 23,887 votes. In PP-236 Mian Saqib Khursheed of PML-N got 38,947 votes and defeated Rana Tahir Mehmood, Independent candidate, who got 28,045 votes.

In PP-237, Naeem Khan Bhaba, independent candidate, got 34,947 votes and defeated Afzal Khan Khichi of PML-N who got 25,443 votes. In PP-238, Asif Saeed of PML-N grabbed 42,021 votes and defeated PTI candidate Ali Raza Khakwani who got 25,975 votes.