The PML-N has swept Kasur general elections by standing victorious on five National Assembly and eight of 10 provincial assembly seats, as per unofficial results.

Salman Hanif Khan of PML-N contested an election from NA-138-Kasur-I and bagged 75,409 votes and was declared winner, while Sardar Muhammad Tufail who contested as an Independent candidate bagged 28,055. Sheikh Waseem Akhtar of PML-N bagged 102,703 votes in NA-139 Kasur-II and defeated Ch Manzoor Ahmed of PPP. Malik Rasheed Ahmed Khan of PML-N in NA-140 got 68,406 votes and defeated two former foreign ministers Khurseed Mehmood Kasuri and Sardar Assef Ahmed Ali whereas Rana Ishaq and Rana Hayat Khan also won the slots of National Assembly from NA-141 and NA-142 respectively.

PML-N’s candidate for PP-175 Yaqoob Nadeem Sethi bagged 33,691 votes and defeated Ilyas Khan, an independent candidate, who secured 29,107. In PP-176, Mian Muhammad Anees Qureshi of PML-N secured 23739 and defeated Sardar Asadullah Khan who bagged 13616 votes. In PP-177, PML-N candidate Naeem Safdar Ansari bagged 60,556 votes and defeated PTI’s Syed Muzaffar Kazmi who secured 11439 votes.

In PP-178, PML-N’s Malik Ahmad Saeed Khan bagged 33901 votes and defeated Shahid Masood Khan, an independent candidate, who got 17224 votes while in PP-179, Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan of PML-N bagged 43768 votes and defeated PPP’s Malik Khurram Saleem Naul who secured 17417.

Likewise in  PP-180, Waqas Hassan Moakal of PML-Q bagged 31778 and defeated PML-N former MPA Ch Ahsan Raza Khan who secured 26567 votes and in PP-181 PML-N’s Sheikh Allauddin got 45320 votes and defeated PML-Q’s Rao Shahid Qayum who got 16511 votes.

In PP-182, PML-N’s Ch Muhammad Anwar got 31774 votes and defeated Peer Mukhtar Ahmad Shah and in PP-183, PML-Q’s Sardar Muhammad Asif Nakai bagged 35045 votes and defeated PML-N’s Ch Muhammad Ibrahim who secured 34288 votes while former Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan got 41021 in PP-184 and defeated PTI’s Rana Muhammad Aslam Khan.

Minor scuffles were reported during polling. Some PPP workers allegedly beat up SHO Sadr Malik Tariq and his team at a polling station. Earlier, some policemen had thrashed them. Scuffles were also reported in village Bhagiar and village Jeeteywala in the limits of Kot Radha Kishan police.