The release of the latest movie from the Fast and Furious franchise, Furious 7, brought Paul Walker back to life.  How the film makers reincarnated the lost star with help of his brother, other doubles and computer graphics was commendable. “It’s been a long time without you, my friend”: movie ended with this beautiful tribute to Walker and left a billion fans in tears.

Almost a month back, Daim and Fahad (from Faisalabad), left their home for a midnight drive, at the end of which Daim died and Fahad ended up in hospital. They had an accident due to over speeding. I happened to meet the parents of the deceased: memories that I wish to forget. The only thing I could read in their eyes was: “Not like this, not like this”. What a waste of life.

It amazes me why the manner of Paul Walker’s death never occurred to anyone. We never saw any post anywhere ever highlighting the main cause behind the “accident” that is over-speeding. His mates from the famous F and F franchise never mentioned in any public appearance that “our friend died because of this overrated and highly dangerous habit” – but wasn’t that obvious? Yes it was. But it was not profitable, not for the corporations which produce such dangerous machines and not for those production houses which make immense amounts of revenue by selling this dangerous idea.

An idea is what it takes to become a phenomenon through its gradual, penetrative marketing by the world’s corporate geniuses. In all their target plans, the human element plays a minimal role. They dictate to you the meaning of fun, and they make you think what adventure is. It is a very extreme and technological form of slavery.

You must have seen many campaigns and TVCs regarding the use of the seatbelt, but never any campaign about fast driving? And it never occurred to you why they, the corporations, have such double standards? Because they steal us in ways we cannot imagine.

I mean, come on, isn’t the death of Paul Walker an anti-climax of all this drama? Doesn’t his death remind us of Dr. Frankenstein whose own creation ended his life? The man responsible for inspiring so many young drivers dies at the peak of his career by blowing his car on an empty road? And guess how his fans paid him tribute? They gathered and screeched their cars, full speed ahead. And how his fellows paid tribute to him is even more inhuman: they profited from his death as F&F 7 broke all earning records.

My dear racers, this is not even an adventure. Adventure is something in which your mind and body is at work. Pushing the paddle of an already built machine and steering it around is not even impressive. The idea which you are carrying forward is dangerous and influences young minds in unimaginable ways. Please don’t let monstrous franchises consume you.

If your adventure is not inspiring others in a positive way, it is time you should review it. There are many Daims who lost their lives and had put their families in endless misery. The world has a lot of mysteries and wonders yet to be explored. It won’t hurt if you die climbing a mountain, but “not like this”. “Not like this”.