Islamabad-Planet earth has always been kind to us. Mother earth is an aggregate of our joys and sufferings, and an abode of every saint and sinner. It is the only world known so far to harbour life, at least nowhere else where we could migrate in the worst scenario. At present, our endless cruelties to this lively planet in the vast cosmic arena never made us realise how fast the globe is warming and what are its causes. This constructive practice will help to see what the future will look possibly, though most people are interested only in ‘’how it will affect me?” An established fact, all of us are acquainted with is the impact caused by an unusual sea-level rise, heavy precipitation, increased drought, and rise in temperature globally - affecting the economy and human beings’ health.

Whereas, climate change is already in the process of endangering human health around the world. The mentioned subject was recently considered and focused by the Medical Society Consortium, which then published a summary report on it.

The reports contained key impacts by region. Unfortunately, its scope is limited to the US only. However, the general conclusion and implications of human activities, which are likely to cause a catastrophe in the future, may be used as a valuable source for people outside the US as well. The most interesting part of the report was its preparation, not by any climate scientist, but this time by the physicians of prime medical societies. Its conclusion was based on the best available and contemporary information on climate and health.

The reports revealed unbelievable facts, that climate change is already affecting our health and this is not the problem of our future generation but a contemporary issue, which is growing exponentially. They stated that some population is more susceptible to climate change, which includes students, pregnant women, people with chronic health conditions and the impoverished. Another takeaway is that the problem will get worse if such climate change persists. In another attempt to revive the lost thought of climate change, the researchers developed a mathematical equation to explain the involvement of ever increasing human factor on the earth, causing climate change 170 times faster than the natural forces. The equation was developed in conjunction with a climate change expert and a researcher at Australian National University and was published in the journal The Anthropocene Review.

In connection with these reports, 2016 was recorded to be the hottest year ever, making its transition into 2017. The unprecedented heat across the globe ever experienced and low ice cap at both poles are explicit evidence of global warming, driven by emissions from human activities, according to the World Meteorological Organization. Arctic ice conditions have been recorded at the lowest level since October, last year, though many consider it remote, changes occurring in the Arctic region may directly affect us. The liquefying of the Greenland ice sheet is as of now adding to the sea level ascent and the swift melting of Arctic sea ice may alter the weather condition across Asia, Americas, and Europe.

An accord was signed in Paris in December of 2015 by more than 190 countries, including Pakistan, to curb the threats of dangerous climate changes and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. The UK played a vital role in the complex negotiations that resulted in forming this agreement. The accord is a crucial point to limit the global rise in temperature below 2°C by 2100. But reports revealed that the US may leave Paris climate change agreement, which President Donald Trump pledged to do within 100 days of resuming office during his election campaign.

According to Trump’s adviser, who had earlier said that climate change is a Chinese hoax, may unveil his decision, which was expected this week, but now it has been rescheduled ahead of the meeting of G7 group later this month. Yet this time again, British Prime Minister Theresa May is facing calls from the UK’s leading environment and development groups such as WWF, Oxfam, and others to use her influence to persuade Trump to remain committed to the Paris accord. The world’s average temperature has increased by 1°C after the mass industrialisation, with 2016 and 2017 the hottest years ever, measured since 2000.

The earth has not experienced carbon dioxide level as high as it is at present. The scientist has warned the countries that the time window is shrinking to avoid heat-trapping emissions to curb further warming, which may exceed 2°C that would cause heat waves, severe sea-level rise and spread of diseases. 

–The writer is a student of IIUI