Hareem-e-Qalb is one of the episodes from the series Taj Classics directed by Ali Tahir, based on the writings of his maternal grandfather, Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj.

A few days ago, Ali Tahir uploaded some photos from the episode’s shoot along with a detailed description.

Tahir is found attired in a classy dress consisting of a white shirt, a black waistcoat and black pants, the kind of which was worn in the old days.

The dress donned and the facial appearance changed by keeping a pencil moustache were the demands of the role, as Ali Tahir tells in the description. The play represented an era of the 1950s, for which the actor had to change his look.

The interesting fact is that his attire was borrowed from Haroon Bukhari, Patras Bukhari’s son, whom he refers to in a respectful manner by calling him ‘Uncle Haroon Bukhari’.

Ali Tahir considers the suit of Patras Bukhari’s son borrowed for a play written by Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj as a token of friendship between both the writers, who during their days at Government College, Lahore, were very close friends.

Hareem-e-Qalb was a radio play written by Taj Sahib which unfortunately got banned before being aired, but thanks to the modern, liberal times that the descendants of the writer have adapted it for television and uploaded it on their Youtube channel ‘Tahir TV’ for the viewers to watch and enjoy.

Ali Tahir tells that the story revolves around one evening’s action and depicts a deep understanding of human emotions and marital issues.