KASUR - The Kasur district has witnessed a significant rise in crime rate during the ongoing year, it has been learnt.

A survey report compiled by this correspondent reveals that a number of robbery and dacoity incidents have been reported in different areas of the district since the start of the year in which people have lost cash, cell phones, gold ornaments, and other valuables. The rise in crime rate indicates as if the police were doing nothing for controlling crime in the district, and acting as a mere silent spectator before the occurrence of all these incidents of crime.

In Phoolnagar, Muhammad was passing by a private paper mills on a bicycle when he was deprived of cash, a cell phone, and other valuables at gunpoint. Similarly in Pattoki Saddr, four dacoits snatched a pickup van, carrying milk, and escaped.

In Sara-e-Mughal, two persons namely Ghaffar and Jahangir were on their way on a pickup van when four dacoits robbed them of cash amounting to Rs124,000, a cell phone, and other valuables near Tara Garah.

In Changa Manga, Mehmood was on a marriage ceremony when thieves broke into his house and made off with Rs250,000 and other valuable items. In Alfalah Colony, Khuddian Khas, three dacoits entered the house of a citizen named Arif. They held the family hostage and made off with Rs80,000.

Manzoor Ahmed, a resident of Doulewala, submitted an application to Saddr police that he was on a wedding ceremony when some unknown thieves came to his house and stole gold jewellery and other precious items.

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Similarly in Kot Radha Kishan, three dacoits snatched Rs200,000 and cell phones from the salesman of a company named Zahid. In another incident, six dacoits came to a jewellery shop and took away gold ornaments with them.

In Suresar Hathar, an area of Elahabad, unidentified thieves stole eight goats of Abdul Mateen worth Rs150,000. Likewise, unidentified thieves stole cattle heads worth Rs200,000 from Theng Khatrian. Most importantly, unidentified thieves came to the farmhouse of DIG Kamran Yousuf at Dauke Chak 9, and took away electricity wires and other precious items.

All these incidents have panicked citizens, and they express grave concerns over police’s failure to eradicate crime in the district. It has been learnt during the survey that the rate of crime is significantly higher in the jurisdiction of Kasur Saddr, A-Division, B-Division, Ganda Singh Wala, Mandi Usman Wala, Khuddian, Teh Sheikham, Kot Radha Kishan, and Mustafabad police stations than other areas of the district.

People belonging to all walks of life including politicians, traders, lawyers, and journalists appealed to the police high-ups to post honest officers in the district. They demanded that Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar take notice of the situation and replace the negligent police officers with honest ones.