It is a painful reality that kidnapping has always been a flourishing business in Pakistan, but nowadays kidnappings of children particularly of minor girls has become a heartrending reality. An innocent minor girl Fazila Sarki was kidnapped from Kashmor four years back, a daughter of poor parents, she is still in the clutches her kidnappers, with the police showing no progress. Is it due to lack of technology or the spirit in our police force that we see no action taken?Recently a girl went missing in a village in UK, and all day they aired the police search; they searched for her for six days, her picture was flashed on all channels and in all newspapers to help find her. I see no effort from anyone, be it the media moguls’ or the police to find these kidnapped children.Some six months ago Marvi was abducted from Khairpur Mirs, home town of Chief Minister Sindh. Her grief-torn and poverty-stricken parents have become utterly exhausted and shattered and have lost all hope as no one has come to their rescue. Six year old Kainat Jagirani was kidnapped from my home district Larkana, she is another victim of Sindh’s thriving kidnapping industry which targets the poor who have no resources at their disposal to search for these lost children, or contacts in high places to get their children back. Kainat went missing on the Eid-ul Azha day and has still not returned. Her mother is emotionally and physically shattered by the cruel incident.My toes curl with horror when I read such horror stories that have no happy endings only tragic endings, as no one cares if these poor families find their kidnapped children or not. Doubtlessly, for those of you who have children, they can imagine what anguish the parents are going through.HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, November 11.