Saying no to corruption will not serve our purpose at all. Suppose you are not involved in corrupt activities, but you will invariably be trapped by the corrupt activities of those around you. So, the vicious cycle of corruption will soon entangle you in its evil net. Indubitably, corruption stymies the progress of a country. It has a damaging effect on the social fabric of a community. It acts as a double-edged sword which cuts both ways. On the one hand, it helps the unworthy and incapable individuals occupy the coveted positions and on the other hand it proves a stumbling block for the talented and able individuals. In turn, the ineligible individuals finding themselves unable to perform well, further promote corruption while the talent of worthy and deserving persons go wasted. Corruption begets corruption, so honest and devoted workers feel disillusioned as they think themselves as a lame duck in a corrupt system. The resources of the country are looted blatantly. A culture of kickbacks and commissions crops up. The authority is wielded negatively which undermines the basics of various departments. The moral and ethical norms are thrown to winds by the corrupt elements. They have no regards for human or religious values. They feel no qualm of conscience while violating the established rules and regulations. 

To fight and curb corruption, we have to be girded up sooner than later against corrupt practices around us. The silence of an honest and upright person will soon land him in troubled waters. In other words, we shall have to follow the principle of “bearding the lion in its den” to eliminate corruption from society once and for all. 


Mianwali, October 31.