In the past, Shikarpur was known as the Paris of Sindh. The people of Shikarpur were famous as erudite and polite persons, unfortunately Shikarpur has lost its glory and emerged as center point of clashes. 

Many communities such as Kakepota, Brohi, Tunia, Jatoi, Tunia, Sadhaya, Juneja, Kharoos, Odha, Marfani, Mangneja, Kalhora, Qambrani, Shar, Kehar, Jagirani, Burira, among others have been fighting with each other for long. The fights pertain to ownership of agricultural land, honor killing [Karo-Kari], incidents of theft and other trivial issues. Owing to the tribal nature of the community these clashes never end. Hundreds of people have been lost their precious lives, scores have been got grave wounds and large number of villagers lost their body parts because of these rivalries. Many schools in the disputed areas are falling or closed owing to the fear and insecurity among teachers and students.The socio-economic condition and the tradition has also been affected because of bad blood and lack of education. Besides Kalashnikov culture has grown with the easy access weapons. Similarly, women and children of disputed communities’ can not avail medical facilitates because the situation of medical centers is terrible as well . 

Several villages of conflict-hit areas have been abandoned because people want to move to safer places.The tribal feuds have destroyed the economy of people because the end up losing their personal property or livestock. . 

Sindh government should take notice of the deadly disputes and the role of the responsible state to resolve the conflicts. It should focus on the development of a safer Sikarpur. 


Shikarpur, October 30.