LAHORE - Doctors examined ex-PM Nawaz Sharif twice but did not see any signs of improvement in his health condition, PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb said Wednesday in a statement. She said high dose of steroids administered to Nawaz Sharif had negatively impacted the health of the PML-N leader. PML-N spokesperson further stated that high dose of steroids was administered to Nawaz Sharif to bring the platelets at the level necessary for the air travel. The steroids had their side-effects, she said, adding it could be even dangerous for other diseases the PML-N leader is suffering from. She said doctors treating Nawaz Sharif examined him twice on Wednesday. They have changed the medicines, she added. She said government was showing criminal negligence over Nawaz Sharif’s health. “Government is trying to impose illegal and unconstitutional indemnity over the health of a patient,” she said. Nawaz Sharif is struggling to regain the required level of platelets for the last over three weeks with no significant improvement so far. Following Nawaz Sharif’s refusal to go abroad on the terms and conditions imposed by the government, doctors are facing a real challenge to maintain his health in the wake of multiple diseases.