MULTAN   -  A mega corruption scam worth Rs. 130 millions was unearthed in Metropolitan Corporation (MC) department here on Friday while reviewing its transaction carried out between 25th August to 5th of September, this year.

Commissioner Javed Akhtar Mahmood following ‘zero tolerance policy against corruption’ wrote letter to DG Anti-corruption to take action against the main responsible Muncipal Officer Finance Amjad Hussain under Punjab Employees, Discipline and Accountability Act (PEDA). 

According to official spokesperson, the commissioner had constituted a committee to investigate financial transactions carried out during said time period. The committee members traced bogus signature of Mr Amjad on 589 bills made to draw out over Rs. 90 millions for miscellaneous purposes in a single day. While forty millions others were drawn in other nine days.

The inquiry report said that the alleged officer had additional charge of CEO Municipal Corporation during the said ten days, and found guilty of misusing the authority.

It was recommended to recover the plundered amount from all officials who were nominated in the report. It was pertinent to note that Commissioner had served show cause notices to seven top ranks officials including CEO of Metropolitan Corporation (MC) on 6th November for ‘showing lack of interest and committing inefficiency in discharging official duty’.

The letters were issued to Chief Corporation Officer of Metropolitan Corporation Iqbal Farid, Municipal Officer Finance Farrukh Gulzar, MORs including Malik Ishfaq, Muhammad Faisal, Ashir Gul and Rehan Shahid. Municipal official Planning Umar Awais were also served notices following said reason.

Commissioner Javed Akhtar Mahmood had expressed resentment on MC officials as adopting ‘delaying tactics’ to meet the required task.